Welcome to TROHPIQ

TROHPIQ is a student-run rural health club dedicated to promoting and encouraging the provision of health care in rural communities.

TROHPIQ encompasses a wide range of students and health professionals from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, nursing and allied health. Our members are made up of students from the following universities:

  • University of Queensland (UQ)
  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Australian Catholic University (ACU)
  • University of Sunshine Coast (USC)
  • Central Queensland University (CQU)
  • University of Southern Queensland (USQ)





Applications for the 2019 Executive and Management Team are now open!

Would you like to be part of an incredible team of nursing, allied health and medical students passionate about rural health? From convening trips to running skills days, attending conferences and visiting rural high schools, volunteering with TROHPIQ is a rewarding experience that provides you with a wealth of opportunities. All interested students are encouraged to apply, please get in touch with the current team if you have any questions about the roles!

Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/DwZxrghKTkdYWLb92

Position Descriptions: https://drive.google.com/…/18gij0uw0qPKWEo_v1tkGrB9wEm…/view

Interested in knowing more about the roles? Get in touch with the current team:

Nominations close 5pm Friday 21st September.

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Upcoming Events

TROHPIQ is collaborating with the GPSN Rural Working Group to bring you the Farm Stay Weekend in Warwick this October.

Network with rural doctors, take part in some great activities and meet like-minded medical students. You can sign up here!

Join the Farmstay Facebook group here to stay up to date.

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TROHPIQ is run by a group of passionate medical, nursing and allied health students. To get an idea of what we’re all about, check out the video below!

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