TROHPIQ celebrates the month of Jamie-uary

Being the first post on our new site in a new year, it is fitting to dedicate it to the man who made it happen – Jamie Nuttall. 

The man behind it all.

Although he probably can’t take credit for inventing the concept of a hybrid website-blog, when the TROHPIQ executive were mulling over what changes, if any, to make to the club’s IT infrastructure this year, it was Jamie who first threw the idea into the ring.

And the executive thought it was a brilliant one.  It is hoped the new website will provide its users with the most user-friendly, up-to-date, slickest experience yet.  Should you have any comments or suggestions on the site, including how it could be further improved upon, please e-mail them to, it’d be great to hear from you.

It should further be noted that Jamie, along with Meech Ling, were responsible for TROHPIQ’s IT in 2010 and they did a sterling job.  Although not as visible, numerous changes were made under their watch to improve the club’s efficiency, thereby allowing it to concentrate on better serving its members.

Finally, whilst Jamie was the man behind the idea, the final product has taken work from many people and they too must be thanked for their efforts.

Here’s to looking forward to a great year!

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