TROHPIQ kicks off its Flood Support Appeal!

Today marked the start of TROHPIQ’s efforts to raise money to help out those who have been devestated by the recent flooding throughout Queensland.  The need is obvious with entire communities being forced to evacuate and then begin the long and arduous process of rebuilding upon their return.

With your help, together we’ll do our bit to help out communities which have played host to countless medical students in the past.  Specifically we will:

  1. Help to restore the medical students’ quarters in Theodore and also to replace lost equipment
  2. Fund our own volunteers to head out into the communities of Rockhampton and Theodore and lend a hand

We will raise money through:

  1. A direct appeal – please click here to donate!
  2. A donation from TROHPIQ – we’ll donate half of all new membership fees until January 31st to the cause
  3. A raffle for the first years which will take place over the coming weeks

We look forward to helping out and thank-you very much for your support.  More to come!

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