Skills Day undergoes minor revamp with more to come

Note: this post was updated from its orginal on 22/01/11.

Skills Day 1 of 2011 will take on a slightly different flavour with a decision today taken by convenors James Gallo and Matt Wagner to change two of the skills to be taught.  Over the past few years, Skills Days have consistently featured the five skills of suturing, cannulation, venepuncture, airways management and plastering. 

This year will see plastering replaced by a station on the correct application of bandages and slings, a skill notoriously lacking in medical students and young doctors.  As well, it is likely that cannulation will have to be replaced due to logistical constraints however, as yet, a replacement skill/s has not been decided.

Neither plastering nor cannulation will be ‘lost’ however, as it is envisaged that they’ll make a return at Skills Day 3 in July/August.  In fact, it is thought at this stage that all of the skills taught at Skills Day 3 excepting suturing will likely change from those taught at Skills Day 1 with indwelling urinary catheters and ECG interpretation mooted two of many possible replacements.

More changes are on the way for future Skills Days as the team at TROHPIQ endeavour to make a great day even better!

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