Toowoomba bake-sale and raffle raises $374.25!

The quintannual BBQ hosted by TROHPIQ each rural rotation had a special twist on this occassion.  In addition to the usual meet and greet, a bake-sale and raffle were held to help raise funds for TROHPIQ’s flood appeal.

Amy O’Sullivan and Krystyna Czarkowski, 4th years who have returned to Toowoomba this year, backed up and were again the organisers-in-chief.  In addtion to their organisational skills, they also managed to secure a meat platter from Patton’s Discounts Meats which was raffled to great success.

As well, Kate Saunders, a new Toowoomba-ite, organised a bake-sale with contributions from many fellow med students which provided both an excellent medium by which to raise some funds as well as a tasty adjunct to the primarily savoury delights usually on offer.

In total $374.25 was raised from both the efforts which is a phennomenal effort!  Many thanks from the TROHPIQ team goes to them and it’s great to see that significant amount of money being raised.  It’s to be put to help to re-establish the student quarters in Theodore and also to support volunteers to help clean up around the Darling Downs region and will surely be very much appreciated by those communities.

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