1st year Flood Appeal raffle winners

TROHPIQ’s 1st year Flood Appeal raffle was drawn at the recent Skills Day and the winners were:

  1. Dermatoscope from QRME – Sam Shum
  2. Robbins Pathology, 8th ed. from the Herston Medical Bookshop – Andrew Fraser
  3. Emergency Medicine Handbook 5th ed. from Avant – Samuel Foong
  4. $30 iTunes voucher from Avant – Pereshin Moodaley
  5. Neurological testing kit from SWIM – Simone Liddy
  6. Laptop bags from CSQTC – Ebony Stone, Sam Shum, Caleb Street and Anna Mullins

Congrats to them and with that TROHPIQ’s formal fundraising efforts have concluded.  Our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported us in our efforts.  More details to come.

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