Congrats to the new Management Committee

Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM last night and congratulations to all for what has been a cracker of a start to the year.  In particular well done to the following…

  • Toowoomba reps: Rohani Orloff and Anna Taylor
  • Rockhamptom reps: Nicholas Barker and Cameron Anderson
  • Bundy rep: Adam Bartlett
  • Hervey Bay rep: Brad Fitzwater
  • MBBS 1 reps: Andrew Fraser and Daniel King
  • MBBS 2 reps: Matt Wagner, John O’Bryan, Jillian Ferrell
  • Allied Health Portfolio: Zoe Cotton
  • Nursing rep: Amy Brauner
  • Pharmacy rep: Jarred Miles
  • Ipswitch rep: Jasmin Tilling
  • Conferences portfolio: Rachel Maywald
  • ATSI portfolio: Erinn Marrington
  • Health Careers in the Bush: Susan Mullen and Natasha Lim
  • Skills Development Portfolio: Laurie Zhong
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