Buses to the Midnight Muster now on!

Heading to the biggest party of the year?  Why not go by bus!?  Get to know a few more folk on the way there, have no hassles finding your way or with drink driving in the morning (police were at the exit last year).  Interested? Click here to sign up.

$12 for members, $20 for non-members – return trip leaving from St. Lucia
Payment: in person at lectures/PBL or online
     A/C name: TROHPIQ
     BSB: 064 140
     A/C number: 1007 8581
     Description: Surname + Muster (eg. Jones Muster)

     1) Payment must be made/in TROHPIQ’s account by Tuesday March 15th.
     2) Midnight Muster tickets must be purchased separately by each individual going (though they can be purchased at the door).  Please visit http://www.hope4health.org.au/ and follow the links.

More info: e-mail social@trohpiq.org

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