Rural Careers and Info Night – April 11th

Do you want to…

  1. Get hands-on training as a student and actually do real medicine?  The best way to do that is at an RCS site, on the Longlook Program or on a rural elective. 
  2. Dabble in GP land while still specialising in a hospital setting, all as you choose the balance between them?  A career in rural medicine sounds like it might interest you.  Oh, and it’s paid ridiculously well…
  3. To know what it’s like to study or work outside of Brisvegas?  We’ll have people there who do just that as well as an RCS representative!
  4. Get a free dinner? We’ll have that for you too with refreshments beforehand, and Pizza Cafe pizza afterwards.

For info on all of this stuff and more you should come to the Rural Careers and Info Night on April 11th.

The details:

Keynote speaker: A/Prof. Scott Kitchener – Medical Director and CEO of QRME (a rural training provider)
Topics covered:

  1. The life of a rural doc – what’s on offer: the good and the bad; including the scope of practice available, the training opportunities, the pay and the lifestyle
  2. The RCS sites (Toowomba, Bundaberg etc.) – what’s the deal with them, what’s good and not so good
  3. The Longlook Program – why it’s the best choice you’ll make as a student and, simply put, an amazing opportunity
  4. Rural electives – stay in Australia but actually get some hands-on experience, we also throw in a pre-elective (but after your final exams) workshop.
  5. Plus more and all questions answered!

Where: Room 203, Building 50 (Hawken Engineering)
When: April 11th, 6:00pm  for food and trade show, 6:15pm start with talks and Q&A session to go through ’til about 7:30pm

More info:

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