Careers and Info Night 2011… what a gas!

Although the title has been blatantly ripped off from an e-mail from Brett Burrett, it does aptly describe the RCIE for 2011.  In cruel irony, the most well organised Evening to date and a promising night was interrupted by a gas leak in the Hawken Engineering building (ironic in itself).  Initially blamed on shadowy external forces, it turned out to be a humble equipment malfunction.

Nonetheless the night went on and it’s a testament to convenors John and Brett’s organisational ability and cool calm personas that it ran so smoothly from there.  The numbers did diminish by a few but those who stayed were treated to four entertaining and informative speeches along with some great lucky door prizes (thank-you again to the Herston Medical Bookshop and CSQTC).

The videos and FAQs will be uploaded shortly, stay tuned.

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