TROHPIQ provides yet more reasons to do the RLP or EPP

A week ago today the RCS announced two very exciting developments at the SoM’s second year information evening.

  1. Expansion of the Rural Longlook Program (RLP)
  2. Introduction of the Extended Placement Program (EPP)

TROHPIQ thinks these are fantastic programs on the RCS and SoM’s part and fully supports them.  So, now, we’re giving you yet more reasons to choose them.

Rural Longlook Program

  • Travel allowance – rural communities are great, there’s no two ways about it.  But, sometimes, you want to head back to the city (Sports Day, May Ball anyone?) and TROHPIQ will help you do it.  We’re offering $800 towards flights to the Roma Longlookers and $250 towards petrol for the others.  As docs, you could easily afford this, as students… well, we understand!
  • Mentoring program – this year’s Longlook participants (Kendra, Madelon and Andrew) have all agreed to take part next year so from the start you’ll know what to expect and what to do (and not do!) to get the most out of your Longlook experience.

Extended Placement Program

  • Mentoring program – the EPP is essentially the first two fifths of the Longlook Program.  So, like the Longlookers above, we’ll let you know what you can do (and not do!) to get the most out of your Extended Placement.

… coming up

Stay tuned, over the next week or two TROHPIQ will put the tough questions to this year’s Longlookers and Program Director and will post the results.

If you’ve any particular questions yourself, or would like to apply, the following might be of use:

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