Pit Stop – Help Requested!

Calling for helpers for a Pit Stop on June 14 at Purga Mission (near Ipswich). Help is needed for screening, health promotion and setting up stalls and stations. Pit Stop is a great format used to encourage Indigenous men to come in for a health check.
The Pit Stop will be made up of 5 stations:
  1. Exhaust- smoking
  2. Fuel- Alcohol
  3. Chassis- waist and hip ratio
  4. Spark plugs- testicle (not Health students)
  5. Oil Pressure (blood pressure)
Training will be provided about Pit Stop the week before the event at the Murri Room, date TBA!
Sorry, guys, I know this is around exams, but if you’re interested contact me at atsihealth@trohpiq.org so I can get you in contact with Trevor Fourmile (who is running the Pit Stop).
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