Rural Awareness Dinner – July 1st

To go on the Longlook Program or not?
To study or work outside of Brisbane or not?

If you ask yourself either of these questions, you should come along to…

The Rural Awareness Dinner
(click here to see the flyer)
(click here to sign-up)

Many thanks to Hope4Health and QRME for their generous invitation of TROHPIQ members to this event.

What’s on offer:

  • Friday evening – The Dinner: includes a meal with a rural clinician at each table, a guest speaker and question time with a panel of rural medicos answering your queries
  • Saturday morning – skills sessions

When and where: July 1st in Toowoomba, leaving around 4pm
Transport: we’ll organise carloads
Cost: approx. $30 (to be finalised shortly) – includes transport, dinner, accommodation and the skills workshop

Click here to sign-up – sign-up due by June 18th

Thinking of Longlook?  This is a great way to find out more about it before you make a final decision.  Your application is due on June 24th but your final decision to take up the Longlook Program or not is made well after July 1st.

This means you’ve time to explore your choice at the Dinner and say no if it’s not for you – but – we’re confident you’ll be inspired!

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