Notice to members of TROHPIQ’s changeover period

Dear TROHPIQers,

August 18th-21st heralds an exciting time for TROHPIQ as the new Executive and Management committees are elected/selected.  If you’ve been involved in the club and enjoyed it, it’s a great time to come along and make your mark on TROHPIQ, however big or small, it’s up to you.  We would like to announce the following:

  • Ordinary General Meeting on August 18th – Executive committee elections will be held on this evening
  • TROHPIQ’s Planning Afternoon on August 19th – Management committee positions will be elected/selected at this time.  Nominations for these positions will be taken on the day
  • Executive and Management committee changeover week-end at Mooloolaba on August 20th-21st.
More details on all of these to follow shortly.
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