RCS selection in cases of site oversubscription

It’s come to TROHPIQ’s attention that a number of 2nd year members have had some questions regarding if there is a ‘selection process’ in the event of an RCS site being oversubscribed and, if so, what that process is.  The following has been taken from the MBBS guide (MBBS Guide – Guidelines, Part ‘h’, Point 4) and its current applicability has been confirmed:

Where a UQRCS training location is oversubscribed, prospective students will be invited to engage in a selection process.  Criteria that will be examined include, but are not limited to:

  • Having resided in a rural, regional and/or remote community for at least a five year period in the last decade.
  • Having a demonstrated interest and/or commitment to living and working in a UQRCS teaching location.
  • Being Indigenous to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and/or having strong connections with Indigenous Australian communities.
  • Having been involved in and/or made a significant contribution to UQRCS program activities (including those offered through the student rural health club, TROHPIQ) that seek to advance the Rural Health agenda.
  • Holding a current rural scholarship, eg. MRBS, RAMUS, John Flynn.

Our support of these criteria

TROHPIQ supports the Rural Clinical School in their use of a selection criteria in the case of oversubscription.  Details as to why can be found in TROHPIQ’s response to the UQMS’s AMC Accreditation Report submission.

Proving you’ve made a significant contribution to TROHPIQ

If you have made a significant contribution to TROHPIQ and would like a letter of support, please e-mail ‘admin@trohpiq.org’.  A guide to the definition of ‘significant’ would be if you are or have been a member of the Executive or Management Committee but it is not necessarily limited to this. A final decision will be made by the president, immediate past president and administration officer.

Should you have any further questions please visit the RCS website, peruse the MBBS guide or don’t hesitate to contact the RCS or ourselves at:

  • rcdswq@som.uq.edu.au (Toowoomba and Harvey Bay)
  • rcdcq@som.uq.edu.au (Bundaberg and Rockhampton)
  • admin@trohpiq.org
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