Bargara 2012… a sodden sojourn!

The week-end just gone saw the first of TROHPIQ’s inter-RCS trips at the (usually) lovely Bargara in the Wide Bay region.  Being just 15 minutes outside of Bundaberg, Bargara is fabled for combining surf beaches with access to the Great Barrier Reef and 35 eager students descended upon it hoping to enjoy a week-end of water.  The weather, however, had other ideas.

The rain was heavy and persistent much like an overweight gentleman in a lunch queue and indeed access to the accommodation at Bargara was cut for a number of hours around the crucial time of people’s arrival.  Ever resourceful like the proverbial rural doctor, the convenors called in the help of the Bundy students to house folk for the evening and they most generously obliged.  Our sincere thanks for that.

Beach activities were annulled but in their place a BBQ was put on by the pool, tennis was played and a good time had by all.  The good times continued into the evening with pre-drinks and a dinner to help students get to know each other and also what is on offer for them should they choose rural practice.

Many thanks to QRME for their homely hosting of pre-drinks and for providing the knowledgeable staff to answer our questions at the dinner.  As well, thank-you to the RCS for their support and to John and Kate, the organisers-in-chief for 2012.

We’re excited for the year at each of the RCS sites and wish everyone all the best for it!

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