Today is… Close the Gap Day

 National Close the Gap Day (Thursday 22nd March)

Join Australia’s largest campaign to improve Indigenous health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can expect to live substantially shorter lives than other Australians – up to 20 years less in some cases.Babies born to Aboriginal mothers die at more than twice the rate of other Australian babies, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience higher rates of preventable illness such as heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes.

It’s a health crisis you’d associate with an impoverished nation, but it’s happening right here in our own backyard.

Help to change this picture by following the link below to sign the pledge:
But wait, there’s more…
Close the Gap Ceremony (April 28th – 29th)

This April, the ANU Rural Medical Society (ARMS) will be hosting their Annual Close the Gap Ceremony and Bushdance in Canberra.  An invitation is extended to all TROHPIQ Members who wish to attend.  Details are as follows:

When: 28th – 29th April
  • Close the Gap Ceremony from 12pm – 4pm (April 28th)
  • Annual Bushdance on the night of the 28th
Where: Canberra (ANU grounds)

ARMS will pay for:
  • one night’s accommodation at a motel nearby ANU 
  • transport to and from the Bushdance
  • BBQ lunch (28th)
  • BBQ breakfast (29th)

Cost required of you: 

  • $25 for entry into bushdance (covers dinner & entertainment) 
  • money for drinks at Bushdance
  • Travel costs to Canberra (make own arrangements)
  • any additional food you may want
If interested, please RSVP by 24th March to
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