Networking Opportunities Abound with TROHPIQ

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Over the past two weekends, TROHPIQ members were invited to a couple of extremely informative networking events.

The first of these was the QRME Toowoomba Gala, which featured an afternoon of skills sessions, followed by a panel discussion explaining the benefits of the Rural Longlook Program and the Extended Placement Program. Students were given the chance to network with doctors all across the career pathway at Toowoomba Downs Club as the evening kicked on. After a night of dancing, door prizes, and delicious canapes, the UQ students retired to our host accommodations provided by the generous RCS students. Before returning to Brisbane, the students took in the beautiful views from the summit of Table Top Mountain.

Our second event was hosted this past weekend by ACRRM through the Bonded Support Program (BSP). This event was targeted towards those students who have taken bonded places to study medicine at UQ. Guest speaker, Dr. James Hudson, provided plenty of encouragement, speaking from his breadth of experience in rural medicine both in Australia and abroad. Students were treated to a spectacular 3-course dinner at the Regatta Hotel, whilst mingling with their peers and the various clinicians who were gathered for the evening.

These networking events are a great resource for students who are considering their options for the clinical years and beyond. Rarely do other students get the opportunities to ask questions and receive honest answers from the clinicians who play a role in shaping our curriculum. Not only that, but several of these organizations play a role in  post-graduate training as well. Developing ties early on in your medical studies, pays dividends down the track.


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One Response to Networking Opportunities Abound with TROHPIQ

  1. Peter says:

    Hey all, it was great to have you guys there! If you’d like any more information about the QRME Longlook program, don’t hesitate to contact Renee at

    For those of you who were there, let us know how we can support you in your education. We’d love to help in any way that we can, so drop me a line and let me know what we can do –

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