Joint Rural Health Club- a weekend in Stanthorpe

For the may 12th weekend students from Rural Health Clubs across Queensland gathered in Stanthorpe to get a taste of the rural life and mingle in style. Many thanks go to Dr. Dan Halliday, Dr. Patricia Stewart and the many other enthusiastic and experienced health professionals who shared their expertise over the course of the weekend.

Highlights Included:

  • Trade fair and welcome dinner held
  • Cowboy/girl themed dinner at the Aussie Steak House
  • Leisurely lunch and  game of bowls at the Summer Bowls Club
  • A tour of the local wineries led by our animated tour guide
  • Sheep shearing display by some of the locals
  • Relaxing bush walk to the Granite Arch at Giraween National Park
  • Yummy berry icecreams at Jamworks
  • Amazing skills sessions focusing on the rural aspects of Obstetrics, Physiotherapy, Anaesthetics and Airways, Suturing, Plastering, Palliative Care and Paramedics.

An extra special thank you goes to Deb Kay of Health Workforce Queensland who worked with club representatives to make JRHCW 2012 a shining success!!

JRHCW brought to students with sponsorship from:

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