Rural High School Visits

TROHPIQ is looking for allied health, nursing and medical students who want to take part in some end of the year Rural High-School Visits! We’ll be running 2 different trips on November 25-28, one to Stanthorpe and the other to the Darlings Downs area and surrounds!

We are going to visit the high-school students and tell them about what it’s like to be doing what we love in allied health care! These trips always prove to be both very enjoyable and memorable for both you (the volunteers), and the high-school children! And the best thing about it, TROHPIQ covers the bill, making it FREE for you!

No experience necessary! All we’re after are fun-loving TROHPIQ members with a passion for rural health.

To apply, simply email by November  8th @ 5pm with answers to the following questions:

1) Degree and year level

2) Are you from a rural background?

3) Preference between  Stanthorpe and Darlings Downs area  (pick one or both)?

4) Why do you want to come on this trip?

5) Your contact details

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