Your questions answered!

As a follow up to the TROHPIQ Rural Careers Evening 2012, Diana McCluskey from ACRRM has kindly provided written answers to some of the questions asked on the night about rural medical training.

1.    What rural training pathways are available?

Both ACRRM and RACGP have a rural training pathway.

2.    Can I satisfy my Bonded Medical Place time while doing my training?

Yes. You can undertake up to half your return of service during pre-vocational training and vocational training. If you undertake training in an eligible area from your second year (PGY2) and receive written approval from the Department of Health and Ageing prior to commencing your placement, this training can be counted towards your return of service, provided you fulfil all required criteria. You will need to check your specific Deed of Agreement to determine the eligible areas where you can undertake training that may count towards your RSO.

3.    Who are the rural training providers in Queensland?

These are the ‘training providers’ not necessary ‘rurally based’:

  • Tropical Medical Training (Townsville)
  • Queensland Rural Medical Education (Toowoomba)
  • Central and Southern Queensland Training Consortium (Brisbane)

4.    I’ve heard of the Bonded Support Program, how do I get involved?

BMP and MRBS Scheme participants have access to a support program while at university and during their medical training, which is currently managed by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM). The support program provides BMP and MRBS Scheme participants with:

  • The opportunity to attend conferences and seminars regarding health issues, particularly relating to practicing in outer metropolitan, rural and remote areas
  • Professional, web-based mentoring
  • Regular newsletters and a dedicated website
  • Networking opportunities and
  • Support programs once you complete your university studies.

If you’re currently a BMP or MRBS Scheme participant and interested in joining the Bonded Support Program, contact ACRRM on phone 1800 223 226, or email:

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