TROHPIQs Heads Up info evening


Med school is hard. Getting the right balance of work and play. Choosing the right coloured stethoscope. Knowing what to expect in the next few years at uni. And what about all of this future training pathway stuff? I mean, what even happens once you graduate?

TROHPIQ is here to help. TROHPIQ is a student run organisation with a focus on improving rural health. That said, we have something for everyone, regardless of whether or not you want to work in the city or out bush. From skills training sessions and information evenings to rural experiential trips and scholarships to fun social stuff and conferences. We’re all about getting the right balance.

TROHPIQs Heads Up is an information evening designed to let you know some of TROHPIQs great upcoming events, as well as prepare you for what to expect over the next few years of study at UQ and beyond. We’ll discuss the structure of the medical program, as well as some basic concepts surrounding graduate training approaches and pathways.

So evade the enigmas, resist the riddles, and control the confusion of the medical training process. Do yourself a favour and come along to TROHPIQs Heads Up information evening.

When?- Monday the 4th of February, following lectures for the day (probably starting 6pm)

Where?- Room T203 (Raybould Lecture theatre) Building 50 (Hawken)

Why?- So you have some idea what to expect over the next few years. And there will be pizza.

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