TROHPIQs Rural Clinical School Trip #2: TOOWOOMBA

Pull on your excited pants. Prepare yourself for TROHPIQs Rural Clinical School Trips!!

April is your lucky month because we’re running a Rural Clinical School trip out to Toowoomba!!

25% of the cohort will end up attending a Rural Clinical School (Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Bundaberg or Hervey Bay). This is an ideal trip for students keen to experience the awesome opportunities and educational resources available in Toowoomba as well as see first hand the benefits of going rural (such as better exposure to teaching opportunities). There will also be a skills training session or two to help you hone those procedural skills!


Image: Toowoomba Rural Clinical School students happily going about their day in a carefree manner

The details:

  • When?: April the 27th; leaving at 7am, returning at 7pm
  • Where?: Meeting location to be announced.
  • How much?: $30 for the day.
  • Count me in! Where do I sign up?: Right here. Registration closes on the 13th of April, at which point successful applicants will be notified by email.
  • The fine print: TROHPIQ will do it’s best to take as many applicants on this trip as possible. Application will be assessed both on the basis of time of application and applicant background. Specifically, as Ochsner students and International students are not actually eligible to attend Rural Clinical Schools in third and fourth year, they will have a reduced chance (BUT still a chance) of being accepted to attend this trip. This is a requirement of the organisation that helps fund this event due to the quota of students allocated to attend RCSs.

See you there! TROHPIQ

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