TROHPIQ Voting Open

Photo: Kittens getting ready for the British elections. 1940s photo.

The Nominations are in and it is time to choose the next Executive and Management committee.

Before you vote please check out the nominations submitted by the candidates:
For the Executive positions open this Executive Nominations 2014pdf
For the Management positions open this Management Nominations 2014 pdf

Between now and August 3rd at 11:59pm please vote here:

Happy Voting!

While you’re thinking about TROHPIQ keep in mind that we have a number of positions currently open and we’re looking for keen volunteers to fulfil the following roles next year:

Nursing &Allied Health Representative(s) and subcommittee members for:
 Nursing Representative (QUT and UQ)
 Occupational Therapy Representative
 Physiotherapy Representative
 Other(s)

Rural High School Visit Officer(s)

Trip Organisers
 Toowoomba Trip (1 organiser needed)
 Wide Bay Trip (1 organiser needed)
 Cherbourg Trip (2 Organisers need confirming)

RCS Representatives: TBD after locations confirmed

Please contact if you’re interested or would like more information.

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