With your entry into internship coming up quickly (less than 3 months!) it’s very important that you get the things you need sorted for intern year – both for your new career and for your new personal situation (hello, salary!). The ideal time to get your financial affairs started is before mid-December, as it can take time to get documents and requirements organised for Salary Packaging, and it’s likely that you’ll have some questions around some of the things you will encounter in the first year. If it is left any later you run the risk of not getting the most out of your opportunities, some of which form part of your pay as a Public Doctor (with a value of ~$3900 in the first year of work).

So, what do Walshs do?

As a quick introduction, Walshs make your financial management easy and time-efficient – if you have a ‘?’ relating to ‘$’, we’re here to help now and in the future. Simple!

We’re not restricted by location – we have a large number of clients that are rural/regional/interstate whom we look after via Skype or over the phone. We also make trips to Cairns and Townsville to run meetings there.

The longer introduction: Walshs specialise in managing Medical Professional’s financial needs, with advice based solely on what gets you the best outcome for your goals. We have been in business since 1992, and the primary market for us is Medical Professionals – the majority of our client base are doctors with most of the balance partners or friends of doctors. As a result we have a very clear understanding of the issues facing you as a doctor and your special treatment in terms of tax, benefits and products – this allows us to ensure you are getting the best possible results and minimising the risk of you running into any traps set by the ATO. We look after not only salary packaging and tax, but also budgeting, debt management, loans, superannuation, insurance, assistance with car buying, and many more areas; and are specialists not only for Junior Doctors but Doctors at all stages – we will be with you for your career. As an example of our knowledge and experience, we are part of a national network of similar firms across Australia, and as a group we are the exclusive providers of financial educational content to the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. We also regularly run educational sessions for other colleges and groups, including General Surgeons of Australia, RACGP and ANZCA, to name just a few.

We usually talk about the following items with interns – all of which you have access to as part of the Walshs Retainer package:
• General financial planning including debt consolidation, budgeting, and discussions around the next few years & what’s coming up
• Tax return
• Insurance advice & reviews
• Car buying/upgrade assistance
• Unlimited meetings as required
• Property services including budgeting, loan structuring, pre-approval and complimentary RP Data research reports (#1 property research tool in Australia)
• All for $330, payable in July 2014

If you have any questions or would like to organise a complimentary Skype meeting to discuss how we will make the financial side of your life organized, kindly email: vicepresident@trohpiq.org and we’ll setup a time which suits. I am flexible with meeting times toward the end of year, but best to book in early as we take on a significant number of Junior Doctors in the New Year – don’t miss out!

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