The biggest event of the Nursing and Allied Health Calendar – SWAHN : Skills Weekend for Allied Health and Nursing students is having a  make over.

SWAHN has been upgraded to BRAHN (Bush Retreat for Allied Health and Nursing students)

BRAHN promo image

This year on May the 10th and 11th will see the inaugural inter-disciplinary bush retreat weekend take place at Camp Edmund in Laidley.             Jam-packed with challenging activities, team-building exercises, and case-based team puzzles, this weekend is all about getting to your fellow TROHPIQ members in the SHRS, becoming familiar with health careers in a rural setting, and having loads of fun!

Even though I’m sure your bursting to sign up already, here are a few more things you can expect;

Amazing food. Seriously.
• Case-based team challenges adapted from the health fusion team challenge model
(and remember, we are sending teams straight to the HFTC finals in Tasmania later in
the year!)
• An orienteering course and race (or you can opt for ‘extra study time’)
• ‘Rustic’ camp accommodation, complete with a ‘bring your own pillow’ policy.
Themed dinner and games night with costume/game-based awarding of prizes
• ‘Friendly’ competition in the team challenges
Information and advice on tailoring your course to make the most of what
TROHPIQ offers (i.e. how do I get a scholarship to study in Cairns/Mt.
Forging friendships with fantastic people (all the more likely considering the sparse phone reception where we are going)
Many memories and much more!

This camp is open to all UQ/QUT allied health and nursing students, and to register you will need to sign up to TROHPIQ (, but once you have done that you are signed up for life (which is comforting). Cost for members is set at only $60 for all of your food, accommodation, fun and transport. For any questions please email

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  1. Vasvanathan Somasundaram says:

    I’m a member n would like to enrol for this and may I know the program and the eligibility

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