SWIM and TROHPIQ: Women in Rural Medicine Clinician Dinner

This clinician dinner features doctors from Toowoomba, St George, Maryborough and beyond for a chance to discuss the challenges facing rural practitioners and the rewards that come with the job. Whether you’re considering this pathway, never thought about it before, or are nearly certain it’s not for you, come along! You just might be surprised. Join us for a 3 course meal at NextDoor Kitchen Bar Southbank for just $10.

Purchase online tickets by following the link.

Date: 6.30pm on Sunday 20th September
Location: NextDoor Kitchen Bar Southbank
More information: swimuq.org.au. Questions? Kate: academic@swimuq.org.au

The scheduled guest speakers are:

  • Dr Pam Turnock
  • Dr Riitta Partanan
  • Dr Sheila Cook
  • Dr Simone Peacock

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