Rural Australian Medical Undergraduate Scholarships (RAMUS)

Applications for the 2016 round for the Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship (RAMUS) are now open! Applications must be submitted by 5pm on 19 January 2016. Successful applicants will receive un-bonded scholarships worth $10,000 a year while completing a standard medical degree at their chosen Australian university.

ramus-banner.jpgGiven the changes currently underway to the overall rural health scholarship system, only a very small number of new RAMUS scholarships are available for 2016. Priority will be given to those current or enrolling medical students who spent the majority of the time between their 5th and 18th birthday with a home address in a more rural or remote area within Australia. (This means ASGC-RA 3-5.) Within that sub-group, priority will be given to those who can demonstrate greater financial need and a commitment to working in rural, regional or remote Australia after studies are completed.

Given the availability of only about 20 new scholarships, applications from existing or potential medical students who spent the time from their 5th to their eighteenth birthday in Inner regional areas will not be successful.

Students may apply for a RAMUS scholarship during any year of their studies. Prospective students who have applied to study medicine in 2016 but do not yet have a confirmed university place are welcome to apply. Given the small number of new scholarships available, there will not be an appeals process for this final RAMUS round.

The online application form and full details of the eligibility and selection criteria for the scholarship are available from the RAMUS website at

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