Students Wanted For Ultrasound Workshop!


On the 6th Feb 2016 at QT Hotel on the Gold Coast we will be holding an Ultrasound Workshop.

For this workshop Health Workforce Queensland are looking for students to attend as models.

Ultrasound is being used in nearly every facet of medicine. This is a great opportunity for Medical Students to witness the latest technology, learn something new, and meet future colleagues all while being paid an incentive for participating.

During the day you will be attached to a group of doctors and a demonstrator.

Your heart, neck (large blood vessels) and nerves (neck, shoulder, armpit and femoral nerve in the upper thigh/groin) will be scanned. We need to access your chest and abdomen so exercise attire like loose cotton or footy shorts and t-shirt or singlet works well. We ask men to remove their top for women its recommended wearing an exercise (demi-top) or sports bra. For the femoral nerve we will need to scan the upper thigh—briefs and Speedos will be fine but boxers won’t work!  We will have towels to preserve your modesty at all times.

The examination requires you to lie still for a period of time and there is a small amount of pressure from the probe on the skin. To work properly the probes need a jelly on the skin (which can be a bit sticky and cold initially) but is also harmless.

You won’t be scanned for the entire day as there are plenty of breaks. You will have tea breaks, lunch and enjoy the same cuisine as the delegates. Health Workforce Queensland will also give you a $50 voucher for your participation. Health Workforce Queensland aim to have more models than needed so we can rotate models so while you are having a break you can join in.

Health Workforce Queensland also advise you to please come early so you can attend the lectures which are presented by leading luminaries and we also supply you with any educational material that is used for the course.

Your assisting in the training of the doctors attending the course is greatly appreciated and if you are interested in attending as a model, please could you let the team at Health Workforce Queensland know at your earliest convenience.

E: T&
T: 07 3105 7800

Contacts: Viv Culverwell or Kristiane Denman

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