Skills Day 2.0

TROHPIQ’s second skills day of the year was another fantastic opportunity for nearly 100 medical and allied health students to learn and refine their hands-on skills.

The program included stations on venepuncture and cannulation, use of Doppler for vascular assessment, suturing, airway management and intraosseous access.

We had a team of fantastic doctors, nurses and medical students running these stations on the day. As always, their expertise and enthusiasm is much appreciated!

We even had a snap chat competition going on the day – thank you to all the students that participated and congratulations to all our winners!

Our snap chat account is a fantastic way to stay up to date with TROHPIQ events – add us with the username ‘trohpiq’.

Keep an eye out for our next skills day of the year, which will be held in September!

(And a big thanks to Brigid King, Imogen Gilpin and Shaiba Chatterjee, the hard working 2017 TROHPIQ Skills Day Convenors who have done a fantastic job running these workshhops)


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