Congratulations to the 2018 Team

The 2017 TROHPIQ AGM was held last Tuesday 3rd October. We were delighted to see so many enthusiastic faces, both known and new! Congratulations to the incoming TROHPIQ Executive and Management committees for 2018. With such a fantastic team, we are sure you will do great things and are excited to see where you will take TROHPIQ next year!

Executive Committee
Past President: Laura Frederiksen
President: Shaiba Chatterjee
Vice President: Fiona Edwards
Treasurer: Imogen Aitkins
Secretary: Imogen Gilpin
NAHO Education: Jessica Thackeray
NAHO Social: Amelia Young
Communications & IT Officer: Brigid King
NRHSN + Membership Officer: Sjors Plugge

Management Committee
MDII rep: Belinda Burgess & Patrice Brennan
OT Rep: Maginnis Connell
Rockhampton Rep: Timothy Thorne & Luke Ciantar
Hervey Bay Rep: Alice Ann Wyche
Bundaberg Rep: Vivek Padmanabhan & Amy Shang
Toowoomba Rep: Elise Witter & Emma Chan
Scholarships, Bursaries & conferences Officer: Bruno Perthus
Education Officer: Taylor Brooks
Skills Day Convenors: Belinda Burgess, Patrice Brennan & Grace Boyd
RHSV Convenors: Emma Chan & Brandon Ng
Cherbourg Trip Convenors: Elise Witter & Taylor Brooks
Wide Bay Trip Convenors: Lauren Pienaar & Sarah Harten
Rockhampton Trip Convenors: Sophie Gong & Sarah Harten
Toowoomba Trip Convenors: Elise Witter & Rosannah Blackwood
Bowties & Beauties Convenors: Belinda Burgess & Lauren Pienaar

Some positions are still open to join the 2018 TROHPIQ team. Apply now at or email for information

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