Allied Health Events

TROHPIQ’s Nursing and Allied Health team have already been hard at work in 2018 to bring you a range of fantastic events! From stalls at Market Day to the recent Bush Challenge Day, there’s been lots going on – and it’s only March! Check out these reviews from some of our Nursing and Allied Health Representatives.

Bush Challenge Day

TROHPIQ’s Bush Challenge Day was a great success! Participants enjoyed a morning of team building and communication activities- playdoh, cotton wool, rope and jars of water were all utilised to bring teams together. A barbeque lunch of sausages and veggie skewers replenished the crew before the main event- the bush health scenario. The two teams were challenged to consider an accident scenario from both a medical and allied health perspective, to identify and solve hypothetical problems, and work together to make clinical decisions in complex circumstances. Both teams were certainly challenged! A scavenger hunt around Wivenhoe Dam wrapped up the event before the weary squad headed back to Brisbane.


~ Magginis Connell, UQ Occupational Therapy Representative

Careers in Rural Health Evening

Our first Careers in Rural Evening consisted of speakers with various rural health experience. Attendees found it incredibly valuable and were able to get a sense of what life is like when working in rural communities; they all really embrace your presence and knowledge. The speakers were very friendly and welcomed questions from students and some were even encouraging TROHPIQ students to get involved in upcoming conferences!


~ Amelia Young, Allied Health Social Officer

TROHPIQ Skills Day 1 2018

On March 10, a group of over 90 TROHPIQ and Hope4Health members had the opportunity to join us for our first Skills Day of the year. In two action-packed half day sessions, attendees were given a chance to get some hands on experience and try out new and valuable skills that are used every day in rural health care.

Stations on offer included suturing, venepuncture, plaster casting, airway management and basic life support. We were fortunate enough to have an incredible group of doctors and senior medical students who very kindly donated their time and expertise to ensure that this was a fantastic learning experience for the students. There were also some excellent entries to our Instragram competition – congratulations to the winners, and thank you to MIPS and the Co-op bookshop for sponsoring us with prizes on the day.

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Overall, this was a fantastic start to our Skills Day program and we hope that TROHPIQ members will continue to enjoy Skills Day 2 & 3 later in the year!

~ Belinda, Skills Day Convenor

(Thank you to Belinda Burgess, Grace Boyd and Patrice Brennan for all their hard work organising this event).