Rural High School Visits 2018

RHSV 2018 – a trip that saw the formation of an amazing team between 5 passionate TROHPIQ volunteers spreading their love for health careers across 875km of rural QLD.

This year, RHSV visited 4 high schools in Warwick, Goondiwindi and Chinchilla, and delivered a wealth of knowledge about health careers through presentation and interactive workshops. Our workshops introduced students to the technicalities of surgical handwashing, exemplified the use of stethoscopes for heart and breath sounds, dared students to face the shocking TENS machine, revised basic lifesaving skills with special adjuncts, and showcased the importance of allied health teams for amputee patients, along with so much more!

The 2018 RHSV Team

To reward our hard work, our volunteers also visited the Bunya Mountains and became immersed in the flourishing, luscious forest of strangler trees, and had an overnight stay on a farm abundant with farm animals including pigs, horses, chickens and even a peacock! We had an incredible 5 days teaching high school students about the intrinsic rewards of health careers, as well as growing our own appreciation for rural QLD. Best of all, we formed a beautiful friendship amongst the 5 of us & we all took something valuable away with us which will no doubt help us in our respective careers.

We can’t encourage you enough to apply for RHSV 2019!!


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