Health Careers in the Bush

Promoting careers in health to rural and remote secondary school students
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The Health Careers in the Bush (HCB) program was founded in 2001 by like minded organisations that are interested in promoting careers in health to rural and remote secondary students.  TROHPIQ is one of these organisations!

Health Workforce Queensland is also a key member of the Alliance and they help TROHPIQ achieve their goals.


  • HCB is governed by the Health Careers in the Bush Alliance
  • Each Rural Health Club in Queensland is a member of the Alliance
  • TROHPIQ, together with the three other Clubs in Queensland visits approximately 40 schools and over 1000 students per year in rural Queensland
  • You help the younger generation feel encouraged to pursue a health career and make a difference in our rural communities


Rural High School Visits

TROHPIQ and Health Workforce Queensland’s Student Initiatives team work together to coordinate your visits which consist of a multi-disciplinary team of 4-5 TROHPIQ members who travel to rural schools over a 4-5 day road trip.  We assist your team with the following:

  • Training
  • Itinerary planning
  • Contacting and liaising with schools
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Transportation
  • Equipment and
  • Health Careers in the Bush resources

Please note: accommodation, food, and transport costs are heavily subsidised.

Team member recruitment will be sent to your inbox throughout the year.


There are other opportunities for career promotion that are communicated to TROHPIQ members from time to time. Such as:

  • Mentoring at multi-day residential workshops organised by Queensland Health’s Cunningham Centre (also a member of the Alliance)
  • Attending Career Expos
  • Undertaking your own visits to rural high schools back home or while on placement/holidays

Participating in the HCB program is a fantastic way to encourage the younger generation to pursue such a rewarding career. You can share your experiences in an informal, interactive, and fun session while also discovering new regions of Queensland and the beauty of the outback!


Contact:          TROHPIQ’s Health Careers in the Bush Coordinator at

or Gayle Stallard and Fran Riley at Health Workforce Queensland
Ph: (07) 3105 7800