TREES Program 2017

Over the last few months, a group of 28 first year medical students chose to complete their first year medical observership in a rural location. The TROHPIQ Rural Elective Experience Scholarship is a program run by the UQ Rural Clinical School in conjunction with TROHPIQ. TREES provides students with the opportunity to experience regional and rural Queensland, gain fantastic hands-on learning experiences, and meet some awe-inspiring rural practitioners.

Reports from students who participated in the program have been overwhelmingly positive. There’s no doubt that there were plenty of opportunities for students to practice and develop their clinical skills. Full reports from students are now available via this link and some excerpts are included below. Congratulations to all students on completing their first medical placement and for choosing the challenging but rewarding environment of a rural location.

Connor Dorval – Roma Hospital

“Aside from having met so many wonderful people, by far the best part of coming to Roma is the way the students are integrated into the health care team, even as a first year with very little clinical experience. What will you be doing day to day? Much of your time is spent in the Emergency Department, where you are not only allowed but encouraged to review patients that have been triaged. You’ll take histories, perform physical exams, form a provisional diagnosis, then handover to a doctor – a skill in and of itself. You can then follow that patient’s case through to the end, working through any clinical reasoning, imaging, and test results with the doctor.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to volunteer for everything, even if it seems scary. Introduce yourself to every doctor and nurse and give them a heads-up if you have any special interests.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.55.01 PM
Connor Dorval completed his TREES placement at Roma Hospital. “The highlight of my placement was the chance to fly with the Royal Flying Doctor Service and a Flying Surgeon to Cunnamulla and Charleville.

Belinda Burgess – Kingaroy Hospital 2017

“During my TREES placement, I have had the opportunity to experience the emergency department, OBS & GYN, the medical/surgical ward and theatre lists. Some highlights of my time here include suturing lots of hands and fingers in ED, learning how to cannulate and intubate with the anaesthetist in theatre, scrubbing in to a hernia repair, attending birth suite with the midwives and assisting an emergency Caesarian.

I am very much indebted to the medical, nursing and midwifery staff here at Kingaroy. From day 1, everybody has gone out of their way to welcome us to the team and encourage us to actively participate in patient care. All of the staff, and particularly the senior medical officers, have demonstrated a passion and aptitude for medical education that has ensured that my time here has been a fruitful learning experience.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 7.38.45 AM.png

Thank you to the UQ Rural Clinical School and the health professionals that worked to make this such a fantastic experience for all the students involved.

Joint Rural Health Club Weekend 2017

Joint Rural Health Club Weekend


The JRHCW 2017 held in Emerald was attended by 11 TROHPIQ students this year including a variety of health students. The weekend provided a unique opportunity for students of various backgrounds from rural health clubs all over QLD to network and optimise their skills in a range of teaching sessions. In between all the delicious meals, students also had the chance mingle with many renowned health professionals and notable community leaders to hear about their experiences in rural health.

Skills Day 2.0

TROHPIQ’s second skills day of the year was another fantastic opportunity for nearly 100 medical and allied health students to learn and refine their hands-on skills.

The program included stations on venepuncture and cannulation, use of Doppler for vascular assessment, suturing, airway management and intraosseous access.

We had a team of fantastic doctors, nurses and medical students running these stations on the day. As always, their expertise and enthusiasm is much appreciated!

We even had a snap chat competition going on the day – thank you to all the students that participated and congratulations to all our winners!

Our snap chat account is a fantastic way to stay up to date with TROHPIQ events – add us with the username ‘trohpiq’.

Keep an eye out for our next skills day of the year, which will be held in September!

(And a big thanks to Brigid King, Imogen Gilpin and Shaiba Chatterjee, the hard working 2017 TROHPIQ Skills Day Convenors who have done a fantastic job running these workshhops)