Students interested in rural health have numerous opportunities throughout the year to attend conferences all around Australia.  Each has their own unique flavor but all give students the occasion to mingle with like minded students, discuss the broader issues and have a great time doing it.

Outlined below are the more popular conferences.  For further information on any of them or to inquire about other conferences that might be of interest, please visit the attendant websites, the NRHSN’s website or e-mail

Rural Doctors’ Association of Queensland Conference – click here to visit the website

RDAQ 2018 is an annual conference that seeks to provide a forum (unsurprisingly) for rural doctors to discuss the issues facing the practice of medicine in their state. As well, workshops are run in the preceding few days and there is always a strong student presence throughout the conference. There is no excuse for not attending this year as RDAQ 2018 will be in Brisbane!

The Joint Rural Health Club Weekend

The Joint Rural Health Club Weekend is held annually by Health Workforce Queensland in conjunction with the RDAQ foundation. Rural health clubs in attendance include BUSHFIRE, HOPE4HEALTH, RHINO and TROHPIQ. The conference provides an opportunity for health students to gain exposure to the academic and social aspects of practising health in a rural setting. The weekend incorporates social and academic skills sessions. It is always one of the highlights of the year for rural health students.

For more information, please visit Health Workforce Queensland’s website.

The World Rural Health Conference 2018 – click here to visit the website

The 15th WONCA World Rural Health Conference (WRHC 2018) will be held in New Delhi from 26 – 29th April 2018. This is an international event that will see delegates from around the world inspiring and exchanging ideas on the latest developments and challenges in rural family practice and rural and remote health generally. Medical students are encouraged to attend.