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As evidenced by the highly successful Joint Rural Health Club weekend, TROHPIQ enjoys and appreciates its good relationship with the other Queensland rural health students clubs.

Hope4Health – click here to visit their website

Conceived, or so the story goes, in 2006 during a mellow post-lecture session at the Courthouse Hotel, Hope4Health (H4H) is the rural health student club based at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.  It was founded at the time to help raise money to construct a hospital in Ghana but H4H has since blossomed to become a club that, in addition to its international aid work, is a strong and vibrant voice for rural health students.

The absence of a formal rural education programme in the Griffith curriculum did not deter and in fact arguably inspired the club to build solid foundations by establishing relationships with external stakeholders as well as their university.  Such a foundation has allowed H4H  to host events such as the Jazz Dinner Dance, establish the Midnight Muster, conduct rural medical workshops and a host of others, all to the benefit of its members and the wider rural health community.



In 2000 a band of students from James Cook University in Townsville formed a club called (and dedicated to) Rural Health in the Northern Outback (RHINO).  At the time, the pharmacy and occupational therapy disciplines were only two years old and the medical school only eight months old.  The club, like the university, has now grown to become the preeminent health student body and voice in Northern Queensland.

Its geographical distance does, unfortunately, make frequent co-hosting of events between our two clubs difficult.  However, also by virtue of their geography, RHINO are perfectly placed to offer their students, and anyone else lucky enough to a part, events with a unique combination of rural health, indigenous health and health in a tropical setting.  So befriend a RHINO and by hook or by crook get up there; you’ll be glad you did.



BUSHFIRE – click here to visit their website

The Bond University Society of Health for Indigenous and Rural Experience, is the most recent addition to Queensland’s rural health student clubs and represents, as you might have already guessed, the folk from Bond University on the Gold Coast.  Active contribution to events such as the Joint Rural Health Club week-end and the Midnight Muster, as well as the running of skills days and the like for its members, has meant BUSHFIRE has quickly established itself.

Like Griffith University, Bond University does not currently have a formal rural health programme and this presents its own set of challenges to its rural health student club.  Similarly to Hope4Health, the men and women at BUSHFIRE have worked hard to turn this potential obstacle into a strength and in doing so have bolstered the strength of their club.

Featured Photo by Fiona Edwards
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