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Support, protection and guidance are integral to your career success. You are learning. Feeling overwhelmed during your studies, on electives or placements is common, and claims, investigations and inquiries can occur years after the healthcare services have been provided. So, choosing an indemnity provider that supports you today and best fits your long-term needs is important to do early in your career.

Medical students have complimentary access to the Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy underwritten by MDA National Insurance. This provides peace of mind that your career, reputation and best interests are protected by a doctors for doctors Medical Defence Organisation with more than 85 years’ experience.

Through our extensive industry experience and financial responsibility we offer support to medical students by providing FREE student membership and indemnity insurance cover.

Membership benefits include a free subscription to The Electives Network for all you need to know during electives and discounts of up to 20% on a broad range of contemporary medical publications.

Head to to sign up and for further information.