John Flynn Placement Program – click here to visit the website

Established in 1997, the program aims to give students exposure to the same rural community over an extended period of time.  Students must complete eight weeks of placements over a number of years in the same location, which can be anywhere in Australia.  Financial assistance for travel is given, as is a weekly allowance to cover living expenses.

Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship (MRBS) Scheme – click hereto visit the website

The MRBS is similar to the above QRHSS but on a national level.  To holders it is worth over $24, 000 a year and is indexed annually.  Students are required to work for six continuous years in a rural or remote area within Australia after completing their medical training as a specialist (including General Practice).  Through this scheme, an extra 100 medical places are created within medical schools.

Rural Australia Medical Undergraduate Scholarship (RAMUS) Scheme – click here to visit the website

RAMUS scholarship holders are selected on the basis of three criteria: having a rural background, financial need and demonstrated commitment to working in rural Australia in the future, based on stated intention and demonstrated previous experience of and/or commitment to rural communities.  It is valued at $10, 000 per year.

NSW Rural Resident Medical Officer Cadetship: 
Click Here to visit the website.

For Year 2 MBBS students who graduated year 12 in NSW. This scholarship provides you with learning opportunities during your clinical years and a $15,000/year boost to the bank account in exchange they require you to do 2 of your first 3 post grad years in a NSW Base hospital.

NSW Rural Doctors Network Scholarships: 
These change year to year. To find our more follow this link