Our Objective

Our objective: for health students to experience health care in regional, rural or remote Australia in a range of disciplines. Join us for a:

weekend – join us on one of our trips
week – head to a nationwide conference
month – do and see amazing things on elective or on prac
year – at a regional node for hands-on experience
lifetime – rewarding work and a lifestyle to match


Who are we?

TROHPIQ is UQ, QUT, ACU, USC, CQU and USQ’s rural health club dedicated to helping medical, nursing and allied health students experience the unique career and lifestyle opportunities to be found beyond the big town of Brisbane.  We were established in 1994 and have been working towards our objective ever since.

Put simply, RURAL HEALTH IS AWESOME.  Here’s why:

As students

  1. You’ll have a lot of fun, within TROHPIQ and within the communities
  2. Better teacher:student ratio means you’ll see more and do more than your urban colleagues
  3. Regional, rural and remote communities are many and varied, but always welcoming

As health professionals

  1. Treat people you  know and would care for even if you weren’t their treating health professional
  2. As a Rural Generalist enjoy the challenge of doing one or more of GP, emergency medicine, obstetrics and more.  Plus get paid as a specialist (because you’re considered one)!
  3. As a nurse or member of an allied health team enjoy more operational independence and a greater scope of practice with the learning opportunities that that entails
  4. The chance to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to really make a difference and help to Close the Gap
  5. Take a leadership role, both professionally and in the community

What TROHPIQ offers:

  • Clinical skills days
  • Trips to regional and rural Queensland
  • Assistance with organising electives
  • Social events
  • Financial support to attend conferences
  • Rural careers information and advice
  • Representation to the National Rural Health Students’ Network
  • And much more!

More questions?  Email secretary@trohpiq.org

Interested?  Click here to join today!

Featured photo by William Gordon