Queensland Health – the Rural Generalist Pathway

The Rural Generalist Pathway (RGP), a Queensland Health funded initiative, is a fully supported, incentive based career pathway for junior doctors wishing to pursue a vocationally registered medical career in rural and remote Queensland.

Rural Generalist Medicine has been recognised in Queensland as a medical specialty since May 2008. A Rural Generalist is defined as a rural medical practitioner who is credentialed to serve in:

  • hospital and community-based primary medical practice
  • hospital-based secondary medical practice, without supervision by a medical specialist in at least one specialist medical discipline (commonly, but not limited to obstetrics, anaesthetics and surgery)
  • hospital and community-based public health practice.

Application to join the Rural Generalist Pathway is primarily made by final year medical students via the Undergraduate entry process.  Further information and contacts regarding the RGP can be found at: http://ruralgeneralist.qld.gov.au/


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