Rockhampton Rural Clinical School

The Rockhampton RCS is based in the major coastal hub of Queensland, located approximately 600 km north of Brisbane with a local population of more than 80,000. The traditional owners of the land are the Darumbal people.

In 2019, Rockhampton is home to 23 year 3 and 15 year 4 students. Placements are completed at Rockhampton Base Hospital, Mater Misericordiae Hospital Rockhampton, Hillcrest Rockhampton Private Hospital, and other local community health centres. All of the compulsory placements are offered within Rockhampton, with medical specialty options including cardiology, renal medicine, and oncology. The RCS is home to a clinical simulation lab and its own medical library, providing students with fantastic learning facilities.

Student accommodation can hold up to 30 students, and offers townhouse or studio-style living. All units are fully furnished and have internet access. The accommodation is within walking distance of the main teaching hospitals and clinics.  

Student Accommodation


Rocky is known as the Beef Capital of Australia, and the town has a wonderful country living vibe because of it. There is no shortage of beautiful sites to visit around Rockhampton, ranging from bush walks and waterfalls to beaches and nearby islands. The Rockhampton RCS students enjoy taking part in thelocal ParkRun, trivia nights, and live music events in town.

RCS Students visiting the beach

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“Academically there are great student to Doctor/tutor ratios at the hospital, the RCS runs a weekly simulation session which I love and we get heaps of support from the RCS staff (you’re a person, not a number to them). Socially there’s always something on, whether it it’s park run, checking out a new brunch option, a new beach or creek to swim in, movies in the common room or popping next door for a chat with a mate. So I would definitely recommend preferencing Rockhampton RCS” – Brooke

“Moving to Rockhampton for third year has been a really good experience for me. Being one of a few med students on a department really does help the staff learn who you are and improve your opportunities for learning and even just how comfortable you feel while in the wards. People seek you out and ask if you want to do a cannula or take a history and present it etc. Small tutorial groups also mean you can ask your own questions and get to know your tutors which I really appreciate… In terms of extra stuff outside of 3rd year there are research opportunities, mentoring programs and clinical skills tutorials all delivered by really eager people who are keen to teach and welcome you into the clinical years” – Harry

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