SPARQ is a TROHPIQ-funded scholarship that aims to support allied health, nursing and other non-med students in completing placements in rural and remote areas. Four bursaries of $500 each will be made available throughout the year to nursing, allied health & non-medicine students who demonstrate the greatest commitment and interest in rural health in four offer rounds to cover placements occurring throughout the year. TROHPIQ members at any TROHPIQ-associated university can apply for financial assistance for retrospective, current or prospective placements. 

Find the application form here (Round 4 is open from Monday 3 October – Monday 24 October): 

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TROHPIQ has teamed up with UQ Rural Clinical School to provide students with an opportunity to experience regional and rural Queensland, gain fantastic hands-on learning experiences, and meet some awe-inspiring rural practitioners. Students can choose to complete an observership in a rural location, and receive a scholarship to help support them during their placement.

GROW Rural

GROW Rural is a three-year program, which provides medical, nursing, midwifery and allied health students the annual opportunity to experience comprehensive clinical practice. GROW Rural fosters the development of rural networks, friendships, and allows students to experience the unique lifestyle of rural and remote Queensland communities. Each year students will: tour several rural Queensland communities, visit rural health services and facilities, learn about the clinical needs of rural communities, undertake clinical skill sessions, participate in community social activities, establish lasting personal and professional relationships with community members and health professionals. 

Go Rural

Go Rural is the perfect opportunity for health students to understand what it means to ‘go rural’ and to engage collaboratively with their multidisciplinary peers. As a one-day rural immersion experience Go Rural takes place in a rural community and draws upon local health practitioners who share their rural career journeys and facilitate a range of clinical skill sessions. We encourage you to Go Rural if you’re curious about rural and would enjoy participating in a face to face event with like-minded students. The next Go Rural event will be held in 2021.

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Rotary Indigenous Health Scholarships

The purpose of the program is to assist students to gain an education which will in turn enable them to use this education for the benefit of other Indigenous people – hopefully, but not necessarily, in some of our remote areas. This program commenced with the intention of training doctors to work amongst other Indigenous people, but the scope of the scheme was enlarged to permit the training, firstly of nurses, and eventually any health related profession. The value of each scholarship is $5,000 per year. A Rotary Club contributes $2,500 per year and the State or Commonwealth Government provides a similar amount. The Commonwealth Government also provides funding for the administration of the program within the Australian Rotary Health office. Since it’s inception this program has spread, and interested clubs and committees in each of the mainland states and in the Northern Territory are sponsoring students.

The Rotary Indigenous Health Scholarship

Rural Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme

Rural Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme

The Rural Pharmacy Scholarship Scheme provides financial support to students from rural and remote communities to undertake undergraduate or postgraduate studies in pharmacy at university. Scholarship holders are encouraged to seek employment in rural and remote areas following graduation.

Rural Pharmacy Student Placement

The Rural Pharmacy Student Placement Allowance Program provides financial support to Australian universities to facilitate Pharmacy Student placements in rural and remote communities. The Allowance assists with students’ travel and accommodation costs for participating in placements in rural and remote areas. The Program aims to facilitate positive rural and remote placement experiences for Pharmacy Students in order to encourage students to return to rural and remote communities upon graduation. Pharmacy Schools receive support for administration of rural and remote placement programs via the Administrative Support to Pharmacy Schools Scheme.

Rural Pharmacy Scholarship Mentor Scheme

TThe Rural Pharmacy Scholarship Mentor Scheme aims to encourage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars and scholars from rural and remote locations to undertake undergraduate and graduate studies in pharmacy at an Australian university, by providing guidance and support from a practising rural Pharmacist Mentor during each year of their pharmacy studies. Mentors can choose to be paid for participating in the Scheme and if so can receive a payment per mentored scholar per year.

Study Grants for Dental Students from Rural and Remote Backgrounds

Five grants, worth $5000 each, are available from 2021 for dental students from rural and remote regions. 

Undergraduate Remote Placement Scholarship

The scholarships offer financial assistance to support undergraduate students who are interested in working remotely, giving them the opportunity to experience a remote health setting first hand. This demonstrates the commitment of CRANAplus to the future remote health workforce.

John Flynn Placement Project

The JFPP gives you a firsthand experience of life as a rural doctor and the diversity of rural medical practice. As a JFPP Scholar you will be matched with a doctor (your Mentor) and undertake an eight-week rural placement over three or four years in the remote or rural community where your Mentor practices. A rural lifestyle is a one of a kind way of life. The JFPP will give you insight into the unique social and cultural aspects of living in Australia’s rural communities. Most JFPP students reside with a Host during their placement and are provided a Community Contact. Your Host and Community Contact are your connection to the community; they will give you personal insight into life in the rural community they call home.

Rotary Rural Nursing Scholarships

These Scholarships run parallel to those of the rural medical scholarships.  They provide an incentive for nursing students to complete their 3rd year major clinical placement and graduating year in a rural/remote area.  It is hoped the positive experience of rural life and the fellowship of Rotarians will encourage students to pursue a nursing career in rural Australia.

NSW Rural Doctors Network Scholarships: 
These change year to year. To find our more follow this link.

Rural Doctors Association of Queensland Prize

UQ is offering a $1,000 prize for a final year medical student interested in attending the RDAQ conference. This will include a $250 cash award and about $700 in registration to attend the Rural Doctors Association annual conference in Brisbane June 7-9th. Further details are below, make sure to get your application in by the 31st of March!

Eligibility: Students who are:
(a) domestic students as defined in the Fee Rules; and
(b) enrolled in Year 4 of the MD or MBBS program; and
(c) members of the student rural support club, Towards Rural and Outback Health Professionals in Queensland (TROHPIQ).
Basis for Award: Most outstanding applicant based on:
(a) a personal statement, less than 500 words, demonstrating interest in a career in rural medicine; and
(b) evidence of the student’s participation in activities of TROHPIQ.
Nature of Prize: $250 and one honorary subscription to the Rural Doctors Association of Queensland Annual Conference, at which a commemorative plaque will be presented.
Application Due Date: 31 March annually
Background: This prize was established in 1994 and maintained by an annual gift from the Rural Doctors Association of Queensland.
Application Details Please email all applications for this Scholarship to
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