Medical Societies

Whilst distinct from each other, each of the student societies within the University Queensland’s School of Medicine contributes to the richness of experience on offer to the students at the School.  We’ve enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing to work towards that end.

UQMS – click here to visit their website

The University of Queensland Medical Society (UQMS) is the peak representative body for students at the University of Queensland School of Medicine. As a not-for-profit association that is run by students, for students, the Society’s goal is to advocate, advance and promote the interests of all UQ medical students, enrich the academic and social spheres of medical study, develop and maintain professional links with local, state and national stakeholders and, through the Ashintosh Foundation, directly contribute to the community.


UQMindclick here to visit their website

UQMind is the wellbeing and mental health portfolio of the University of Queensland Medical Society.  Surviving and enjoying medical school is a balancing act – keeping up with your studies, having a life with your friends and family, and staying healthy and active can be challenging; although studying medicine is an enriching experience, there are times when it tests us all. From this, our mission is thus:

“To provide students with well-being advocacy and support that is consistent, not symptomatic and meets the wide and varied needs of the medical student cohort with a proactive focus towards prevention rather than treatment.”

Given the flexible nature of the support and activities we organise for our fellow students, our facebook page and newsletter are the best ways to keep informed.  However – we can be relied upon for free coffees, starting quality conversations about wellbeing and mental health and our annual Blue Week (Sept 2018).


Rainbow Med – click here to visit their website

Rainbow Med is a UQMS affiliate group established for people interested in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) health at UQ.  We hold workshops, social networking events, and work to improve knowledge and teaching of LGBTQI health matters amongst medical students. Beyond education, Rainbow Med aims to be a source of advocacy for LGBTIQ identifying students, and is seeking to build it’s working team and membership.


TIME – click here to visit their website

Towards International Medical Equality (TIME) is a not-for-profit organisation for UQ students with an interest in global health. With a focus on advocacy, engagement and fundraising, TIME encompasses a range of student-run projects geared towards making a difference in global health issues such as medical aid as well as indigenous, refugee, maternal, and environmental health. TIME is active in state and national advocacy with other university groups through AMSA Global Health and also works with the UQ FoM to ensure global health education is incorporated into the medical curriculum. TIME’s mission is to empower and support students to make a sustainable difference in the realisation of health equality, at home and abroad.


SWIM – click here to visit their website

SWIM is a student organisation that recognises and aims to tackle the unique challenges women face within the field of medicine; and we believe that this process requires men to get involved too. We aim to inspire, empower and connect.



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